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2002 Boeing 737 BBJ

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2002 Boeing 737 BBJ
Aircraft Details
TTAF 1.049 hrs
Serial Number 33036
Year 2002
Interior Color VVIP
Exterior Color Overall White
History N/A
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BBJ 737-700 IGW
S/N: 33036
Year of manufacture: 2002
TTAF: 1’049 Hours
Cycles: 315
Passenger configuration: 18 Seats
Satellite Phone
Certification: FAA
Maintenance Tracking Prog.: CAMP
Tanks: (4 fwd, 5 aft) 9


Manufacturer: CFM International
Type: CFM56- 7B27/B3
Left Engine S/N: 888641
Left Engine Total Hours*: 1’093
Left Engine Total Cycles*: 329
Right Engine S/N: 888817
Right Engine Total Hours*: 1’049
Right Engine Total Cycles*: 315


Manufacturer: Honeywell
Type: 131-9B
Serial Number: P-6178
APU Total Hours*: 1’394
APU Total Cycles*: 883
*as of July 2017

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Digital Versatile Disc Player (DVDP)
Compact Disc Player (CD)
Program Video Systeme Control Unit
Video Tapping Unit 1 Video Cassette Player (VCP)
30” LCD Display
Airshow Data & Communication Unit (DCU)
Airshow Flight Deck Controller (FDC)
Main Multiplexer (MMUX)
1 Bed + 3 Divans Bethable Configuration
The club 4 seating areas are allowed to recline from a 10° upright state down to 90° as desired. It is possible to recline the seats to set-up a full-fl at bed to sleep with the support of the adjacent table.
Interior Configuration: – Galley Location – Main Lounge Confi guration – VIP Lounge Confi guration – Master Bedroom Confi guration – Lavatory Location(s) – Crew Rest
Galley Complex: – Oven, Steam – Coff ee / Tea Maker – Hot-Cup – Refrigerator, Freezer – Microwave Oven – Cooker, Rice