Bell 206L-4

Bell 206L-4
Aircraft Details
Year 2004
Serial Number TBA
TTAF 3,500 hrs
Seat Capacity N/A
Interior Original
Exterior Blue
Engine N/A
Airframe M/X N/A
Eng Program N/A
Utility Lightweight 206L4 with Cargo Hook, Inlet Barrier Filter, Rotor Brake, High Skids, Wire Strike Protection, Bleed Air Heater, Chelton EFIS.

3,500 TSN
Utility Configured with Cargo Hook

Flight Instruments
Chelton EFIS System
NAT AMS44 Audio Controller
Blind Encoder
Dart Avionics Shroud
Dual King KY 196A VHF Comm
TDFM-136A FM Radio
NPX 136D FM Radio
Garmin GTX 330 Transponder
AA-34-300 Aux FM Interface
12V DC Power Converter
12 V DC Power Port
Davtron Voltmeter


Overall Blue


High Altitude Tail Rotor
AFS Inlet Barrier Filter Kit
Wedge Windows
Litter Kit Provisions
Rotor Brake
Bleed Air Heater/Bleed Air Defroster
Baggage Extender/ Baggage Wall Protector
Front Floor Protectors
Cargo Mirror
Scavenge Oil Filter
Interior Trim Kit
High Skid Gear
Onboard Cargo Hook
Cargo Hook Provisions
Rappelling Anchor
Wire Strike Protection System
Cargo Basket Provisions
Seat Covers