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2012 Bombardier Global 6000

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2012 Bombardier Global 6000
Aircraft Details
TTAF 2,400 hrs
Serial Number 9523
Year 2012
Interior Color Custom VIP
Exterior Color Matterhorn White
History N/A
Global 6000
S/N: 9523
Year of manufacture: 2012
TTAF: 2’400 Hours
Total Cycles: 1’034
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Passenger configuration: 14 Seats

Airframe, Engines and APU on Programs

ADS-B 260A and FANS 1/A

14 VIP Seats Configuration

7 Berthable Configuration

1 Crew Rest

Satellite Phone

High-Speed Internet – Wi-Fi


Year of Delivery: 2013
Airframe Total Hours*: 2’400
Airframe Total Cycles*: 1’034
Airframe Program: SmartPart Plus
Maintenance Tracking Prog.: CAMP

*As of October 2017


Manufacturer: Rolls-Royce
Type: BR700- 710A2-20
Thrust Level (Lbf): 14’750
#1 Engine Total Hours*: 2’400
#2 Engine Total Hours*: 2’400
Engines Program: Corporate Care

*As of October 2017


Manufacturer: Honeywell
Type: RE-220/GX
APU Total Hours*: 2’228
APU Total Cycles*: 2’212
APU Program: MSP

*As of october 2017

Flight Control Computer: Dual Thales GT415-0100-11
ELT: Single Artex 453-5004
HF Transceiver: Dual Rockwell Collins 822-0101-002
Cockpit Voice Recorder: Single L3 2100-1025-24
Iridium: Single EMS Aviation 1492-A-3200-202
SELCAL Decoder: Single Rockwell Collins 822-1863-174
VHF Transceiver: Triple Rockwell Collins 822-1468-110/310
SATCOM: Single Rockwell Collins 822-3009-001
FDR: Single L3 2100-2045-22
Data Concentrator Unit: Dual 822-2403-101
Quick Access Recorder: Single Rockwell Collins 822-2780-020
VOR/ILS/MB/ADF Receiver: Dual Rockwell Collins 822-1465-101
ATC Transponder: Single Rockwell Collins 622-9210-410
Digital Air Data Computer: Triple Rockwell Collins 822-2504-003
DME: Dual Rockwell Collins 822-1466-001
TCAS Computer: Single Rockwell Collins 822-2132-001
Inertial Reference Unit: Triple Honeywell HG2100BB02
GPS Receiver: Dual Rockwell Collins 822-2189-005
Radio Altimeter: Dual Rockwell Collins 822-0615-207
TWAS: Single Rockwell Collins 822-2192-001
Weather Radar Transceiver: Single Rockwell Collins 822-2256-001
Enhanced Vision (EVS) Unit: Single Rockwell Collins 1500-3180-002
Head-up Display (HUD): Single Rockwell Collins 822-2539-001

he passenger cabin is in a 14 passenger complete custom aircraft interior VIP arrangement with a crew rest facility.

The general layout consists of a forward lavatory, galley and crew rest area, a main cabin area with 2 double seats, 4 single seats and a divan, a 16G mid cabin bulkhead, an aft cabin area with 4 single seats, a rear lavatory with access to the baggage compartment.

It includes a manual conference table and 4 pull-out tables.
This cabin also offers a satellite phone, high-speed internet, Wi-Fi and entertainment system.