Avionics Manufacturers & Suppliers: An Overview of the Industry

Avionics Manufacturers & Suppliers: An Overview of the Industry

Avionics is an essential component of the aircraft industry. But what exactly is meant by avionics, and where is the industry going? Here’s an overview of avionics, including information on its history and its future.

What Is Avionics?

The word ‘Avionics’ combines the words ‘aviation’ and ‘electronics’, and it refers to all of the electronic systems in use in an aircraft. This includes systems such as navigation, communications, display and many others.

Modern aircraft are incredibly complex machines, and some aircraft have hundreds of systems in use that have a huge range of functions. Avionics involves the manufacturing of these systems to ensure safe and efficient flight.

A Brief History of Avionics

The word avionics emerged after the aircraft industry underwent something of a revolution during World War II when the first autopilot systems and radar systems were developed.

Since then, the industry has grown in size, and it is now bigger than ever. This is in part to the huge growth in consumer flight, and the need for more effective ways to control aircraft and improve flight safety. Avionics is also important in military aircraft, where spending on avionics can make up a significant part of the overall cost of an aircraft.

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What Do Avionics Suppliers Do?

Avionics manufacturers design and test equipment and critical systems for aircraft whilst suppliers can be the manufactures themselves or middlemen. They are involved in getting the complex systems for aircraft in the aerospace and defence industries, including instrumentation, monitoring equipment and system control for commercial and military aircraft.

When buying an aircraft using a broker, you may also want to look for avionics suppliers, and you might want to find out more about the avionics on various models of planes to provide you with a better idea about the systems in use on the aircraft.

Aviation Electronics Europe

Aviation Electronics Europe is the biggest trade show in Europe for the avionics industry. It is held every May, and it is attended by hundreds of professionals. Here you can find out about the very latest technologies over two days, and you can also hear international experts speak on issues like cyber security and standardisation. Find out more here.

The Future of Avionics

There has been a huge growth in air traffic over recent years, and more people are travelling for business and leisure than ever before, as described here. This is good news for the avionics industry because there is a greater need for more complex systems to improve the operational efficiency of aircraft, as well as systems such as in-flight entertainment.

The growth of flight in emerging nations such as India and Brazil among others is likely to lead to increased demand, and more products will be developed to improve performance, reduce pollution and make aircraft safer.

While threats to the industry such as cyber-attacks and economic problems in different countries could affect growth, in general the industry is in good shape, and is set to experience growth over coming years.

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