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Depend on sixteen years of successful TBMs transactions, sixteen years of happy customers, and a solid TBM sales reputation. AVEX has meticulously tracked the TBM market for sixteen years. We are the only TBM distributor that has tracked every single TBM sale on a multitude of important variables and compiled this data into a format that allows in-depth analysis and heightened intelligence surrounding the TBM market. This analytic approach allows us to guide our clients to make the best purchase or sale at the best time, insuring both parties get the most for their money. Our sales team not only offers the best value, but also offers the best service. Buyers and sellers alike can take advantage of our TBM resources. Our on-site TBM maintenance facility can accommodate pre-purchase inspections and avionics installs simultaneous with the close of escrow. Our approach to the sales process will alleviate stress and make sure purchasing or selling your aircraft is a smooth and enjoyable experience. AVEX puts the experts on your side with referrals for tax advice, TBM insurance specialists, and TBM instructors. AVEX Acquisition Services offers the buyer a unique purchasing advantage. Become thoroughly educated on every TBM on the market and base your decision on important criteria including projected operating costs and resale values. We have the most sophisticated approach to in-depth analysis on maintenance logs, damage history, and next due items. Our on-site maintenance facility and TBM avionics specialist can make a pre-buy or avionics install easy and seamless in coordination with your close. Terry Winson - AVEX, TBM 930 900 850 700 for sale Terry Winson is the Director of Sales and Co-founder of AVEX. Terry has played an influential part in the TBM community for the last sixteen years, and is a founding member of the TBMOPA. From advocating for improved TBM owners’ insurance and training options to promoting TBM safety programs, Terry’s actions speak to his concern for the best interest of the TBM owners. His decision to focus the direction of AVEX purely on the TBM product has proved to be a successful strategy in providing the best possible service to TBM owners.

Avex Inc

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