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In 1963, just as the very first LearJet models 23 & 24 came into use, OMNI AIRCRAFT SALES opened its offices just outside Washington DC. We have been busy ever since and have closed over 2500 sales. OMNI was a chief architect in the jet resale industry being one of the first companies in the world to actively promote and develop a pre-owned market for the first generation of business jets such as the LearJet, Jetstar, Sabreliner and Gulfstream. OMNI created the first comprehensive database of all private jets and their owners in 1968. OMNI developed and refined many of the offer, acceptance and contract protocols still used in the aircraft sales industry today. Through the 1980’s OMNI pioneered the most innovative pre-owned aircraft advertising brochures. OMNI also pioneered cold calling and research calls of all owners on a regular basis, a practice we still use today and adopted by many of our competitors. The name OMNI was inspired by the Omni VOR navigation aid. In Greek, it means “in all directions”


9415 Jet Ln # 3, Easton, MD 21601, USA

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