Sky Aviation Holdings

Sky Aviation Holdings

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Sky Aviation Holdings was launched with the vision of being the largest buyer and seller of Beechjets. A decade later, the company has now expanded into a family of seven companies specializing in Beechjets, Hawkers, Citations, Learjets, and Challengers. The group is strategically designed to bring you a true one-stop shop for all of your aircraft needs. The companies include Jet Sales & Acquisitions, Fractional Aircraft Ownership, Empty Leg Jet Charters, TBO Aircraft Extension, Aircraft Avionics, Private Aircraft Insurance, and Aircraft Maintenance. The group works in synchrony to provide a custom-tailored private jet ownership experience for customers in North America and around the globe. From the first phone call to aircraft delivery and beyond, the team at Sky Aviation Holdings is there to provide an unparalleled level of service and expertise. We truly have everything a private aircraft owner needs to enjoy the luxuries of private aircraft travel.

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Sky Aviation HoldingsSky Aviation Holdings

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