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The idea behind Sparfell & Partners is to have a partnership of aviation experts, in a way like a lawyer’s practice, where partners bring to the company their extensive experience, competence & knowledge in aviation and their network of clients and contacts.

Whether you are speaking directly to one of the partners, an associate or with one of our colleagues, you can always be sure each point of contact has a full understanding of the aviation industry and shares the goal of providing excellent service at every point along the timeline from first call to final delivery.

Every project is unique and fully customized to meet lifestyle needs and preferences. At Sparfell & Partners, we offer a full range of services attached to buying an aircraft.

From consulting to market research, engineering to operations, maintenance to management and all the way to designing your perfect aircraft inside and out: we take care of every step.

Sparfell & Partners

Terminal C3, 18 Chemin Des Papillons, 1215 Geneva Airport, Switzerland

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