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Aircraft Details
Year 2008
Serial No. 4103
TTAF 3,934 hrs
Interior Leather
Exterior Matterhorn White
Engine N/A
Airframe N/A
Eng Prog N/A
Location N/A

Gulfstream G450 For Sale

Fully Programmed
Enhanced NAV with ADS-B and CPDLC
96 Month Inspection Completed April 2016
External Camera System
16 Passenger Configuration

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Total Time Since New3,934 Hours (as of February 10, 2018)
Total Landings Since New1,375 Cycles
Entry into Service DateApril 15, 2008
Home BaseSingapore, Singapore
Program CoverageGulfstream PlaneParts
Maintenance TrackingGulfstream CMP
CertificationEASA / JAR OPS 1


Left EngineRight Engine 
DescriptionRolls Royce Tay611-8C
Serial Number(s)8521185210
Total Hours Since New3,934 Hours3,934 Hours
Total Cycles Since New1,375 Cycles1,375 Cycles
HSI Due / Overhaul DueOn Condition
Program CoverageRolls-Royce CorporateCare


DescriptionHoneywell GTCP36-150
Serial NumberP-217
APU Total Time Since New3,289 Hours
Program CoverageHoneywell MSP

The Gulfstream G450 is equipped with an integrated, Honeywell PlaneView avionics suite. A general summary of this aircraft’s avionics suite is as follows:

Type of UnitQuantityDescription
EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System)Four-TubeHoneywell DU-1310
FMS (Flight Management System)TripleHoneywell NZ-2000
CDU (Control Display Unit)TripleHoneywell MC-850
CCD (Cursor Control Devices)DualHoneywell CC-950
IRS (Inertial Reference System)TripleHoneywell LASEREF V
GPS (Global Positioning System)DualHoneywell CMA-4024 w/ 24 Channels
ADC (Air Data Computer)TripleHoneywell AZ-200
NAV (Navigation Radio)DualHoneywell NV-875A
DME (Distance Measuring Equipment)DualHoneywell DM-855
HUD (Head Up Display)SingleHoneywell EO-201
EVS (Enhanced Vision System)SingleKollsman Enhanced Vision System
AFCS (Auto Flight Control System)SingleHoneywell GP-500
ADF (Automatic Direction Finder)DualHoneywell DF-855
VHF NAV (Very High Freq. Navigation)SingleHoneywell NC-860A
VHF COM (Very High Freq. Communication)DualHoneywell TR-865A VDR
HF COM (High Freq. Communications)DualRockwell Collins HF-9034A
SATCOM (Satellite Communications)SingleHoneywell SD-700
WRADAR (Weather Radar)SingleHoneywell WU-884
RADAR ALT (Radar Altimeter)DualHoneywell RT-300
XPNDR (Transponder)DualHoneywell XS-857A w/ Mode S
EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System)Dual Honeywell EGPWM-100
TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System)SingleHoneywell TCAS II RT-951 w/ Change 7.1
CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder)SingleHoneywell AR-120 SSCVR (120 Minute)
FDR (Flight Data Recorder)SingleHoneywell AR-256 SSFDR
ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter)SingleACR Artex C604-N
LSS (Lighting Sensor System)SingleHoneywell LP-850
Number of PassengersSixteen (16)
Galley LocationAft
Forward Cabin ConfigurationFour (4) Place Divan Opposite a Two (2) Place Club
Mid Cabin ConfigurationFour (4) Place Double Club
Aft Cabin ConfigurationTwo (2) Place Club Opposite a Four (4) Place Divan
Lavatory Location(s)Forward and Aft
Galley EquipmentMicrowave; High Temp Oven; and Coffee / Espresso Maker
Other Notable Feature(s)“Wide Seat Option” on All Single Seats


Display / TV Monitor(s)Dual 17.0” Forward and Aft Bulkhead LCD Monitors
Personal / Plug-In Monitor(s)Eight 7.0” Personal Monitors
Airshow SystemRockwell Collins Airshow 4000
Phone SystemMagnastar
Other Notable Feature(s)Triple External Camera System; CD Player; Dual DVD Player; and Bose Headsets


High Speed InternetBroadband Multilink 3.0 (BBML)
Phone SystemMagnastar
Base Paint Color(s)Matterhorn White
Stripe Color(s)Navy Blue Metallic and Platinum


InspectionLast PerformedNext Due
1C Inspection / 12 MonthApril 2017April 2018
2C Inspection / 24 MonthApril 2016April 2018
3C Inspection / 36 MonthMay 2017April 2020
4C Inspection / 48 MonthApril 2016April 2020
8C Inspection / 96 MonthApril 2016April 2024


Gross Weight (Ramp)75,000 lbs.
Max Takeoff Weight74,600 lbs.
Max Landing Weight66,000 lbs.
Max Zero Fuel Weight49,000 lbs.
Fuel Capacity29,500 lbs.
Basic Operating Weight43,000 lbs.


ASC 016 – Maximum Take-Off Gross Weight Increase to 75,000 lbs.
ASC 058A – PlaneView Avionics Enhancement (Cert Fox)
ASC 059B – Enhanced Navigation
ASC 071 – CPDLC – FANS 1/A
ASC 079 – Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Out Installation
ASC 911A – PlaneView Master Operating System Software Update
available 3 aircraft
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