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Aircraft Details
Year 2009
Serial No. 3826
TTAF 6,800 hrs
PAX Cap 19 PAX
Interior VVIP
Exterior Overall White
Engine CFM56-5B7/3
Airframe N/A
Eng Prog N/A
Location United Kingdom
  • Alberto Pinto Design

Airbus A319CJ For Sale

The Airbus A319CJ MSN 3826 entered into service in April 2010.
The aircraft is equipped to fl y up to 10 hours nonstop, making it ideally positioned to service longer distance fl ights to North and South America, the Far East as well as fl ights within Europe and the Middle East.

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Registration G-NOAH
Green Delivery March 2009
Entry into Service April 2010

Total Time Airframe 6,800 TT
Cycles Airframe 2,017 Cycles


CFM 56-5B7/3

Engine 1: 6,809 TSN – 2,093 CSN / Engine 2: 6,809 TSN – 2,099 CSN


APS 3200* 5,525 TT
APU Cycles* 4,501 Cycles
Communication Rockwell Collins WiFi and SatPhone
Entertainment Rockwell Collins STAGE

Home Base Farnborough, UK
Max Speed 400 Knots
Max Altitude 41,000 Feet
Range 10 hours flying
Cabin Length 26.78 metres
Cabin Height 2.15 metres
Cabin Width 3.70 metres
Passengers 19 (Sleep 13)
Baggage Capacity 60-80 pieces

THALES FMGC C 13042 AAO7 // H2C14
TCAS 7.1
Dual Weather Radar (ARINC 708) with Turbulence Mode – Rockwell Collins
Goodrich 0851HL Pitot Heads
AOAS C 16291 AB Fitted
COM Triple VHF – Honeywell
Dual HF – Rockwell Collins

Alberto Pinto Design

Known as an iconic figure in the world of Interior Design, Alberto Pinto was an enlightened observer who used his talent all over the world to create a distinct art of living that was both natural and refi ned. Guided by the mingling of cultures, the eclectic and his relentless quest for the exceptional, Alberto Pinto took advantage of his many travels and fruitful collaborations to subtly develop a
high level of expertise. His unique sense of singularity has been transmitted to his team and Yves Pickardt has led this cabin design project.


Whether travelling for business or for pleasure, you can expect an unrivalled experience. Designed with understated French fl air, the aircraft has the ambience of a private club or
boutique hotel and evokes a sense of well-being. The interior scheme has given consideration to every detail and makes extensive use of the fi nest selection of complementary materials.
The specifi cation includes: teak veneers, French and Italian leather upholstery, suede ceiling lining panels, velvet and calfskin sofas, nickel inlays and hand-tufted wool carpets. The
atmosphere is enhanced with mood lighting and touch-screen controls linking the integrated state-of-the-art communications and entertainment technology.
A full scale galley enables the cabin crew to off er freshly prepared meals inflight


Behind the welcoming circular entrance, the 19 seat cabin divides into four parts. The fi rst area is a lounge with a sofa and with two seats around a cocktail table, as well as two seats
around a folding table.


The mid-cabin living space can be converted into a dining area that can accommodate a four, six or eight guest dining experience, or for the business traveller into a conference table to hold your important meetings. The fully equipped office allows you to stay connected through its Wi-Fi satellite internet and Satphone. For more relaxing trips, the state-of-the-art STAGE media entertainment system off ers an extensive library of blockbuster and classic movies and a selection of music albums through the on board iPad system. DVD’s project films onto the 32 and 42 inch cabin widescreens with Dolby surround sound.


The third area offers travellers an intimate rear lounge that can be closed off from the main cabin, featuring a sofa that converts into a double bed and a further four individual seats. Behind this private lounge is the “master bedroom”


The rear of the aircraft has been maximized to feature a spacious private “master bedroom”. A king size bed with elegant darkwood veneer frame takes center stage in this heaven above the clouds, and the walls are encompassed with soft beige leather quilt work. Dreams could not be sweeter


The luxuriously large en-suite bathroom features a wide rectangular shower, one of the first ever to be installed in an ACJ. Spacious cabinets and shelves are made for easy and convenient storage


Rockwell Collins “Stage” Media Distribution System utilising A/C WiFi Network
Video Distribution to Zonal Screens
Laptop Access Point for Zonal Screens
RCA/YPrPB Input Points with IPod Conversion
Single SBB SATCOM WiFi (+ 4 RJ45 Access Points). 1-2 Mbps via Satcom Direct.
SRT 2100 B SATCOM (including High Speed Module 64kbts)
SATCOM Cockpit Voice Interface





Overall White


Compliance Status Report against JAR-OPS1, Subpart K§L, at Green Aircraft Delivery
FANS A+ Certified
Air Traffi c Services Unit (ATSU) Alternate Equipment FANS A+ related
MTOW at 76.5 t
EASA Certifi ed Crew Rest
3 ACT Sequence A
Quick Access Recorder (QAR)
Electrical Footwarmers for Pilots
VHF Data Radio (VDR) Alternate Equipment (with Acceptance of 46.21.111) – FANS A+ related
VHF Data Link (VDL) Mode 2 Function
Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) Alternate Equipment
Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) Alternate Equipment (SFE)
Additional Cockpit Protective Breathing Equipment (PBE) in Coat Stowage (SFE)
Additional Cockpit Protective Breathing Equipment (PBE) on Aft RH Wall (SFE)
AIRBUS Standard Airline Operational Communication (AOC) Software Alternate Equipment
Integrated Standby Instrument System (ISIS) Optional Functions
Indication of Metric Altitude on Primary Fllght Display (PFD)
Dual Advisory Ice Detection Systems
Operation on Runways with Reduced Width
Catalytic Converters
HFDL Function for HFDR
Additional Wirling for Single HFDL Function
Cockpit Door Survey System
Electrical Outlets in the Cockpit
Paper Holder on the Glareshield
Cockpit Flashlight (SFE) for 3rd Occup. on Rear RH Cockpit Sidewall
4th Occupant Seat in the Cockpit
Headset for 4th Occupant
Circuit Breaker Protection in Cockpit

Structural Provision for Storage Facilities in Cockpit
Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring (ECAM) OEB Reminder Function on FWC
Runway Turn-off Lights
Taxi and Take-Off Lights
US Units for Indicators and Labels
US and Metric Units for Cargo Compartment height Placards
Pylons, Wings, Winglets and THS in White
THS Travel Area and Apron Fairing painting in White
Auxiliary Compressor in the Potable Water Pressurization System
Fuselage and Wings Extended Corrosion Prevention
Erosion Protection on Vertical Stabilizer Leading Edge
Full deactivation of AFT Pax/Crew/Service Doors (Door 2, Left & Right)
Pilot Seats Alternate Covers – Sheepskin
New Carpet 2015
New Spare Carpet for Bathroom and Toilet available


• 6 YR Structural Jan. 2016 12 YR Due Feb. 2022

• Gear OH Scheduled Feb. 2029

• 1C Oct. 2017 Due Oct. 2019

• 5 YR Due Feb. 2021

• 2C/4C March 2018 Due March 2022

• 3C Due Feb. 2022 • 4C Due 2026

Airbus A319CJ For Sale

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