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Aircraft Details
Year 1978
Serial No. TJ-148
TTAF 2,112 hrs
Interior Leather
Exterior White
Engine N/A
Airframe N/A
Eng Prog N/A
Location N/A
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Beech 58 Baron Aircraft For Sale

The owner intend to replace some avionics equipment in 2018 as follow. The price will be increased to reflect the upgrades when completed:
Replace existing GNS430s with one Avidyne IFD-444 and one IFD-540
Replace the L3 Multi Function Display with an Avidyne IFD-550, which is also an AHR, Airdata, NAV-COM-GPS
Replace the Garmin Mode S Transponder with an Avidyne AXP-340 in conformity with the ADSB-In & OUT requirements

All the new equipment has already been aquired and is not included in the current price which is for the aircraft in the present configuration

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Total Time: 2,112 hours


Continental TSIO-520-WB, sn 518645 and 518649
TSOH: 41 hrs
Last overhaul: 22/03/2011
TBO: 1600 hrs/12 years (24 years in Italy)


McCauley 3AF32521, sn 071550 and 071551
TSOH: 11 hrs
Last overhaul: 25/09/2014
TBO: 2000 hrs/50 years
Installed new in July 2008 Per RAM Aircraft STC


GMA340 Audio Panel, Marker Beacon
2 Garmin Garmin GNS430, 8.33 kHz, 760 channels NAV COM GPS
King KY169A COM 3
King RDR2000 Color Radar
Garmin GTX300 Mode S Transponder
Garmin MX20 MFD with Jepp View and Radar Indicator
Sandel SN3500 HSI 1
Sandel SN32500 HSI 2
Bendix IN831A HSI 3
Bendix SG832C Compass System 1
Bendix SG832C Compass System 2
Bendix FCS810 3 Axis Autopilot/Flight Director
Altitude preselect
King KN63 DME
Free Flight TRA3500/TRI40 Altimeter with digital indication and altitude alerter
Thommen AD323235F Air Data Computer with TAT Probe
Altitude Encoder Trans Cal SSD150-50A
Shadin Digital Fuel Computer
L3 Communication TCAS I
L3 Communication WX500 Stromscope
Artex 406N Satellite GPS
Davtron Clock on Pilot Control Yoke
Davtron Clock on Co-Pilot Control Yoke
PS-Engineering PAV80 DVD/FM/AM
External Camera
Avionics Innovation Audio Amplifier (4 speakers stereo)
2 Attitude Indicators
2 Altimeters

6 Seats
Light blue leather seats, white and blue side panels
Light blue curtains
Club seating arrangement

White with red and light blue accents


Information VOR/LOC GPS and Flight Plan 1 and 2 can be visualized either on HSI 1, HSI 2, RMI 1 and Multifunction Display together or separately.
TCAS information and stormscope can be visualized on MFD and HSI 1/2 and TAWS.
MX-20 has Jeppesen View capability and can display approach and airport charts.
Autopilot Heading and NAV modes can be coupled with HSI 1, 2 and 3 performing complete SID, STAR and Flight Plan.
TV camera is located in the bottom of the tail cone viewing front/down and gear and propellers too.
The stereo system is six headphone/interphone (BOSE System) and can accept signals from PAV-80 and AUX MP3 files.
Options Surface deice
Air conditioning
Courtesy table
Headset connectors for each occupant
Oxygen system
Strobe lights
Go around switch
Unfeathering accumulators
Instruments light
Control wheel map lights, mike button and ident
Double pitot system eating
Dual control yoke
Oxygen system
196 GA fuel system
Strobe 3 lights system
Tail light system
Propeller thrust detector
De-icing warning ground system
New propellers Mc Cauley low vibration

Airworthiness Review Certificate valid till 07/2018
Last 100 hrs / annual inspection performed 04/2017


Empty Weight: 4489.3 Lbs
Moment: .39354.45
Weighed July 2013

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