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PAX Cap 10 PAX
Interior Leather
Exterior Matterhorn White
Engine PW308C
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Location North America
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Falcon 2000 Aircraft For Sale

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Cabin-Height (Ft.)   6.20
– Width   7.70
– Length    31.20
Cabin volume (Cu. Ft.)   1,028.00
Cabin Door Height (Ft.)   5.64
– Width   2.63
Baggage -Int. (Cu.Ft.)   134.00
Typical Crew/Pass Seating   3/10
Weight-Max Take-off (Lbs.)   35,800
– Maximum Landing   33,000
– Basic Operating   22,750
– Usable Fuel   12,155
Payload-Full Fuel (Lbs.)   1,095
– Maximum   5,910
Range-NBAA IFR Res (N.Mi.)
-Seats Full   2,841
– Ferry Range – (Pilot(s) only, no pax)   3,130
Range-30 Min. Res (N.Mi.)
Seats Full
Ferry Range – (Pilot(s) only, no pax)
Balanced Field Length (Ft.)   5,100
Landing Field Length – FAR 91   2,600
Landing Field Length – FAR 135   3,250
Landing Field Length – FAR 121   4,333
Rate Of Climb (Ft/Min)   3,730
– One Engine Out   377
Cruise Speed-Max (KTAS)   475
– Normal   459
– Long Range   430
Stall Speed (IAS)    85
Ceiling-Certified (Ft.)   47,000
– Service (MTOW)   44,500
– Service OEI   27,400

Complete Specs and Photos are Available Upon Request.
Please Contact us for Further Details.

Complete Specs and Photos are Available Upon Request.
Please Contact us for Further Details.

Complete Specs and Photos are Available Upon Request.
Please Contact us for Further Details.


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