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Socata TBM 850

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Socata TBM 850
Aircraft Details
Serial No.542
TTAF1,090 hrs
InteriorPlatinum Edt
Eng Prog-
LocationNorth America
  • ADS-B
  • Garmin G1000
  • Synthetic Vision

Socata TBM 850 SN 542 For Sale

This aircraft only has 1,090 TT, is equipped with the Garmin G-1000 flight deck with Synthetic Vision Technology, always in-network maintained, all engine trend data available, transition training included. Call AVEX for a detailed EOE (Estimated Operating Expense Report) or to schedule a market review webinar.

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Metal structure and skin paneling
Anti-corrosion protection treatment
Electrical pre-select flaps with integrated track
and dissymmetry detector
Bank control through ailerons and spoilers with
trim on left aileron
Retractable gear with electro hydraulic control
Hydraulic disc brakes
Large cabin and baggage compartment Large
access door with retractable stairway
Front storage compartment (not pressurized) with
external door
Emergency exit
Rear fuselage servicing door
Tie-down attachments
Jacking points Painting and decoration
High-speed pneumatic de-icing equipment
Easy maintenance access doors

Electrical Equipment:
Lead Acid battery 24V-43A/h
Starter generator 28V
Auxiliary generator
High safety electrical power center for regulation
and switching
Circuit breakers
Anti-collision strobe lights
Navigation lights
Taxiing and landing lights
Ice detector light
Ground power plug receptacle
Ground clearance energy saver
Dual flight controls
Electrical pitch and rudder trim (LH and RH)
Adjustable rudder and nose wheel steering pedals
Central console including:
-Power control
-Propeller pitch control
-Condition lever
-Manual control override
-Electric flaps control
-Fuel selector control
-Ailerons electric trim
Dual toe brakes
Parking brake

Fuel Equipment:
One structural fuel tank per wing
Constantly operating mechanical fuel pump
Stand-by electrical fuel pump
Fuel tank selector with automatic sequencer unit
Capacitance gauging with low-level warning


Electrical starter/generator
Oil cooler
Inertial separation anti-icing air inlet
Dual exhaust
Servicing doors in cowlings


4 Blade Hartzell Prop

G1000 Flight Deck includes:
Airspeed Indicator displayed on GDU 1040sVertical speed indicator displayed on GDU 1040s
Magnetic compass
Torque indicator displayed on GDU 1500 Propeller tachometer displayed on
GDU 1500
Turbine temperature indicator (ITT) displayed on GDU 1500
Gas generator tachometer displayed on GDU 1500
Oil pressure and temperature indicator displayed on GDU 1500
OAT Indicator displayed on GDU 1040s
Airframe de-icing control panel
Inertial separator control
Parking brake control
Landing gear position monitoring panel
Flap position indicator displayed on GDU 1500
Trim position indicator (elevator, rudder and ailerons) displayed on
GDU 1500
Voltmeter and ammeter displayed on GDU 1500
Electric generation controls and monitoring on overhead panel
Advisory panel with master caution, master also displayed on GDU
1500 warning and aural warning
Fuel management panel displayed on GDU 1500
Cabin temperature control
Cabin altitude and differential pressure indicator displayed on GDU 1500
Cabin rate of climb indicator displayed on GDU 1500
Heated stall warning system
Digital chronometer displayed on GDU 1040s
Flight time hour meter
Instrument panel lighting
Backup instrumentation with pneumatic attitude, airspeed and altimeter indicators

Instrument Panel:
Integral instrument panel w/ spare locations for
Airspeed Indicator
Sensitive altimeter
Vertical speed indicator
Electrical turn and bank indicator
Magnetic compass
Digital Chronometer
Gas generator tachometer
Propeller tachometer
Fuel management panel
Data Computer
Oil pressure indicator
Torque indicator
Turbine temperature indicator (ITT)
OAT Indicator
Landing gear control and monitoring panel
Flaps position indicator
Trim position indicator (elevator, rudder and ailerons)
Voltmeter and ammeter
Electric generator control and monitoring on overhead panel Instrument panel lighting
Advisory panel with master caution, master warning and aural warnings
Environment and pressurization control system
Airframe de-icing control panel
Stall warning system
Alternate static source control Alternate ram air source control

Cabin Fittings:
Pressurized cabin (6.2 PSI)
Carpeting and upholstery
Sound-proofing and thermal insulation
Air conditioning
Individual vents and lightings
Sun visors
Fully adjustable pilots seats (height and depth)
All seats with adjustable backrests
Front and head rests with folding armrests and headrests
Reel up 3 points safety belts at all Passenger seats
Pilot & Co-Pilot Seats 4-point safety belts w/quick release
Retractable working table
Airway charts cabinet
Supplementary Oxygen system
Baggage compartment

Interior Equipment:
Platinum Edition including:
-High comfort leather seats
-Wooden made retractable working table
-Chrome color metallic finishing

Top Fuselage & Wings: White, Bottom Fuselage: Silver, Fuselage
Top Stripe and Tail Bottom Stripe: Black, Fuselage Bottom Stripe and Tail
Top Stripe: Gold

Emergency gear extension handle
Environment & pressurization control
Alternate static source control
Alternate ram air source control
Pneumatically deiced wing and tail
Heated engine air intake lip
Pilot controlled inertial separator
Electrically heated propeller blades & Pilot Tubes
Electrically deiced stall warning
Pilot heated windshields
Ice detector light

Map reading tablet
Hour meter airborne
Pulse light anti-collision system
Supplementary Gaseous Oxygen

available 10 aircraft
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