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Aircraft Details
Year TBA
Serial No. TBA
Interior Leather
Exterior Grey
Engine N/A
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Tecnam Twin P2006T For Sale

This aeroplane really re-writes the rulebook. 140 knots on 40 litres of fuel with twin engine safety. On top of this, comfortable and modern with stunning G-950 avionics. Add this to excellent short field ability and you have a game changer

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Magnetic Compass
Airspeed Ind., Kts, Two
Altimeter Dual Mode (In/hP), Two
Vertical Speed
Directional Electric
Attitude Horizon Electric, Two
Turn and Slip Indicator
Pitot System Heated
Static System
Alternate Static Source
Stall Warning Audible
Landing Gear Position Light, Three
Landing Gear-In-Transit/Not Locked Light
Stabilator Trim Position Indicator
Rudder Trim Position Indicator

The generous interior dimensions of the Tecnam P2006T allow maximum space for pilots and passengers alike. With its two doors, its upholstered seats complete with headrests and vertical adjustment, the cabin provides great flexibility for pilots of varying physical size to optimise their comfort.

Specific care has been given to cabin interiors and acoustic comfort. The ventilation system features one vent outlet for each occupant. The heating system uniformly warms the cabin and a defrost manifold prevents the windshield from fogging up even while taxiing.

Large windows, together with the high wings, provide excellent visibility for a very pleasant flight, as well as for safe ground operations. The cabin has a spacious luggage compartment of 350 litres, which is easily accessible.

Premium option makes your aircraft more precious: Alcantara leather and a dark ceiling improve your flying experience with unique ingredients. Your aircraft interiors is now more exclusive and comfortable while guaranteeing absolute compliance with the industry’s strictest standards.

Tecnam P2006T is a twin-engine four-seat aircraft with fully retractable landing gear. The superior high-wing configuration offers stability, superior cabin visibility and easy access for passengers and luggage. Tecnam has used its extensive experience with aluminum airframes to create in the Tecnam P2006 a robust yet very light airframe, resulting in an outstanding payload-to-total weight ratio.

The wings are of traditional construction, that is essentially a mono spar configuration. Integral fuel tanks are located outboard of the engines, holding 100 litres each for a total of 200 litres.

Particular attention has been paid to the cabin’s structural design in order to ensure the required crashworthiness as prescribed in recent amendments to the FAA-FAR23 and EASA-CS23 codes.


Hydraulic Toe Brakes
Parking Brake
Electric Flaps
Dual Flight Controls
Steerable Nose Wheel
Aileron Lock
Stabilator Trim (Manual)
Engine Controls
-Throttle, Two
-Propellers, Two
-Carburettor Heat, Two
-Choke, Two
Flight Trim Controls
-Rudder With Indicator
-Stabilator With Indicator
Landing Gear, Retractable Electro-Hydraulic
Landing Gear Selector Switch
Landing Gear Warning Horn
Landing Gear Emergency Extension
Fuel Control Selector With On/Off/Crossfeed
Overhead Panel Switches:
-Starter LH and RH
-Fuel Pump LH and RH
-Left Engine LH and RH Ignition Switches
-Right Engine LH and RH Ignition Switches

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