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Here are the top 14 private jet events happening in 2024 that you don't want to miss out on. Main Image

Here are the top 14 private jet events happening in 2024 that you don't want to miss out on.

Here are the top 14 private jet events happening in 2024 that you don't want to miss out on.

For those in the private aviation industry, conferences, conventions, trade shows and other events provide opportunities to connect with colleagues and potential clients, stay updated on emerging technology, and explore new market possibilities. However, attendance at a private jet convention is not exclusive to industry professionals. These events can be equally beneficial for individuals interested in purchasing a private aircraft or third-party representatives seeking aircraft on behalf of their clients.

Looking to participate in a convention or conference? Here's a list of the top private jet events scheduled for 2024.

The most notable events for private jets in 2024.

The private aviation industry is a dynamic sector, encompassing constant innovation, opulent experiences, technological advancements, and many other elements. This is evident through the myriad of private jet events held annually.

In the past, these events mainly featured new aircraft models and products from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). However, nowadays they offer networking and leadership opportunities for industry professionals, as well as potential sales for buyers. The conference sessions cover a diverse range of topics such as support, scheduling, pilot operations, aircraft maintenance management, and tax and regulatory awareness. This means that attendees interested in private aviation will find something valuable to learn from.

In addition to the events listed below, there are numerous local private jet gatherings that can be found through your FBO, aircraft management company, or local FAA FSDO. For the scope of this article, we will highlight well attended events for those who want to see the latest in aircraft products, as well as opportunities for industry professionals to advance their expertise and network with colleagues.

Experience extravagant private jet events featuring a collection of both new and pre-owned aircraft.

The NBAA is well-known for its national conferences and conventions, but it also organizes regional events, such as the upcoming Miami-Opa locka Regional Forum on January 31, 2024. This event is specifically designed to bring together business aircraft owners, operators, manufacturers and operators from the southeast region. Held at the Miami-Opa locka Executive Airport in Opa-locka, FL, this one-day forum will feature more than 150 exhibits showcasing aircraft displays and educational sessions.

The NBAA Leadership Conference, held from Feb. 5–7, 2024, is a highly anticipated gathering for leaders and managers in the business aviation industry. Hosted by the NBAA, this event offers attendees valuable insights and resources through keynote speakers, breakout sessions, panels and networking opportunities. The upcoming conference, located in beautiful Palm Springs, CA, will center around the theme of promoting overall organizational well-being.

The upcoming NBAA Business Aviation Taxes Seminar (May 15, 2024) is a full-day educational event in Dallas, TX that aims to provide attendees with valuable insights into relevant tax and regulatory matters impacting the business aviation industry. This annual private jet forum has previously included informative sessions on tax planning strategies, updates on regulations, and practical case studies.

Mark your calendars for the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (May 28–30, 2024) in Geneva, Switzerland – the top business aviation event in Europe. Join influential industry professionals, esteemed government officials, and renowned aviation companies as they come together to network and explore new opportunities. With a variety of exhibits and presentations, the convention also offers an exclusive platform for premier business aircraft models and cutting-edge technologies.

Mark your calendars for the NBAA White Plains Regional Forum on June 12, 2024! Business aviation enthusiasts residing in the northeast won't want to miss this event at the Westchester County Airport in White Plains, NY. Just like the Miami-Opa locka Forum, it will offer a multitude of exhibits, displays, sessions and networking opportunities for industry professionals and enthusiasts.

Don't miss the chance to discover the cutting-edge developments in business aviation at the upcoming NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in Las Vegas, NV from Oct. 22-24, 2024. Join industry experts and leaders for an eventful few days of educational sessions, keynote speeches, and exhibitions featuring the latest private jet models.

Exclusive events for professionals in the industry of private jets.

Corporate Jet Investor London (Feb. 5–7, 2024): As the first of three major private jet conventions organized by CJI, this networking event will explore various important themes, including the expenses of owning a private aircraft, cybersecurity in aviation transactions, the industry's efforts towards achieving net zero emissions, and more.

The upcoming NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference (Mar. 12-14, 2024) in Fort Worth, TX is exclusively designed for industry professionals in dispatching and scheduling roles. Attendees can look forward to attending numerous sessions led by experts on a wide range of topics including logistical planning, fuel sourcing, state-of-the-art flight department technology, carbon reduction strategies, and more.

Attention all operators! Mark your calendars for Mar. 16–28, 2024, as we invite you to the NBAA International Operators Conference in sunny Orlando, FL. This highly anticipated event guarantees invaluable insights and updates on effectively managing aviation activities across various regions. Our dynamic lineup of sessions boasts topics such as "Global Customs Goals: From Wishing to Achieving," "Skybound Strategies for Airspace Security," and comprehensive regional reviews for all major global areas. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!

The 52nd Annual NAFA Conference (Apr. 16–18, 2024): An eminent gathering in the aviation finance realm, this event helps foster teamwork and information sharing among experts in aircraft financing and asset management. The upcoming program will center on navigating the evolving business aviation sphere and upholding transactional integrity in your aviation finance dealings.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming NBAA Maintenance Conference (Apr. 30–May 2, 2024) in vibrant Portland, OR. This highly anticipated event is tailored to maintenance and technical operations professionals, boasting a plethora of educational and networking possibilities. Notable past sessions have explored crucial subjects like cabin design factors, regulatory responsibilities and safety management systems.

The September 2024 edition of Corporate Jet Investor Asia will be the second convention hosted by CJI. It is designed for business aviation professionals in the Asian market, with a lineup of 50+ speakers, 24+ interactive sessions and 12+ hours of networking opportunities. Attendees can connect with industry leaders such as operators, appraisers, original equipment manufacturers, and brokers.

The upcoming NBAA Tax, Regulatory & Risk Management Conference (Oct. 20–21, 2024) has been highly praised by the NBAA as the go-to event for attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, CFOs and flight operations professionals seeking valuable tax planning techniques from top industry leaders. Taking place in Las Vegas, NV, this year's conference will offer informative sessions and expert panels focused on the continuously changing landscape of business aviation taxes, regulations and risk management.

The upcoming Corporate Jet Investor Miami 2024 (November 2024) conference follows in the footsteps of CJI's successful London and Asia events. Bringing together a diverse group of industry experts and offering compelling sessions, this event is ideal for connecting with fellow business aviation enthusiasts.

Maximize your opportunities at exclusive private jet events in 2024.

If you're considering attending your inaugural private jet convention or another event in the industry, there are some key details to keep in mind prior to attending.

A number of these occasions are quite extensive, featuring numerous displays and discussions scattered throughout a spacious campus. This may be overwhelming for some individuals, as it can be difficult to attend every session of interest, particularly when they are scheduled for the same time or situated at opposite ends of the premises. If your purpose for attending is to view new or pre-owned planes, please note that you might need to arrange a viewing with the regional sales director of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) beforehand in order to tour specific models at the event.

Maximize your experience with these helpful tips:

When planning to attend, it is important to have a defined purpose. While this may seem obvious, having a specific objective in mind - such as gaining knowledge on new technology, touring a specific aircraft model, or networking with colleagues - will assist in organizing your schedule and determining which sessions are valuable to attend.

Formulate a schedule. Once you have identified your purpose for attending, you can peruse the session schedule and arrange your event itinerary accordingly. Keep in mind any potential overlap of sessions and their respective locations to maximize your time. Many private jet events now offer a downloadable app for your smartphone to assist with managing your schedule and navigating the convention space.

It's important to plan ahead and identify the connections you want to make at a conference. These events are often packed with people eager to make the most of their time, both as attendees and presenters. If there are specific individuals you wish to speak with, it may be necessary to schedule a meeting prior to the event in order to secure their time. Therefore, consider creating a list of desired connections or introductions and send them a calendar invitation a few days before the event for optimal planning.

It is important to come prepared. As an industry professional attending a networking event, make sure to bring an adequate supply of business cards and marketing materials to share with other attendees throughout the day. Additionally, prospective buyers and their representatives can also benefit from having business cards on hand for easy communication with brokers and sellers in the future. For those who prefer not to carry physical materials all day, there are convenient electronic options available for exchanging contact and business information.

Employ the "divide and conquer" strategy by delegating your presence at a private jet convention or sales group to different sessions and networking events. This will help increase your exposure and make the most of the opportunity with colleagues.

Utilize the services of a private aviation consultant. These knowledgeable professionals possess extensive industry insights and have established a robust network through years of experience. By tapping into their expertise, you can determine the most valuable sessions or exhibits and may even have the opportunity to connect with key players in the industry.

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