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The Private Jet Experience

The private jet experience

Most frequent travellers will experience times when the noise and bustle of a busy public airport threatens to overwhelm. They’ll daydream about the sanctuary of a quiet departure lounge and the refinement of a private jet.

A common misconception of private jet travel is that they are a privilege of the extremely wealthy. But flying privately is becoming more accessible and for many is an increasingly viable alternative to flying commercially.

If you’re looking to explore the private jet market then here’s a guide to the types of private jet you will find for sale.

What types of private jet are there?

There are six categories of private jet. The smallest class is often referred to as ‘entry-level’ but can also be referred to as Very Light Jets (VLJs). Examples of this type of jet include the Embraer Phenom 100, the Eclipse 500 and the Cessna Citation Mustang. These no-frill planes (the Eclipse doesn’t have lavatory facilities) only hold up to eight passengers but they have other benefits. They’re able to use shorter runways, accessing many smaller airports that larger planes are too big for.

Light and super-light private jets have greater capacity and can fly further than the VLJ’s approximate 1,200 mile range. With typical seating for eight, top-end lights can reach cruising speeds of over 500mph and travel close to 3,000 miles. The Cessna Citation II and the Bombardier Learjet 35 are good examples of jets in this category. The Embraer Phenom 300 and the Learjet 45 are super-lights, both offering superior cabin space, facilities and range.

Mid-way up 

The next private jet group that you’ll encounter is mid-size. Another step up from the super-light category, these aircraft offer more features in larger, mostly stand-up, cabins. Models such as the Cessna Citation Excel are able to fly further distances and seat between 9 and 12 passengers. They also benefit from bigger storage compartments, fold-out beds and enclosed bathrooms.

Super-mid-size private jets continue to push speed and distance boundaries, as well as installing extra touches for comfort. Seating up to eight passengers, this category brings with it amenities such as Wi-Fi and enhanced avionics. Examples in this class are the Dassault Falcon 20F, the Cessna Citation Excel and the Bombardier Challenger 300. The stand-out super-mid-size, however, is the Citation X: the fastest private jet on the market when it was first released.

King-size private jets

Plush seating, flat beds, fully-equipped kitchens, enclosed bathrooms and upgraded entertainment are standard features in the large jet group. Some aircraft in this category even forgo greater speed and range to present a more notably lavish cabin experience. 

The Bombardier Global 5000 is a great example of this. Travelling up to 5,500 miles at 530mph barely exceeds super-mid-size specs but an opulent interior makes up for this.

Its avionics may lag behind others in its class but the Gulfstream G-V is still an attractive heavy jet option for those who prioritise time.  You’ll cover 7,300 miles at a cruising speed of 528mph and still benefit from space to either work or relax.

The executive airliner is at the top-end of the luxury large private jet market. Given the nickname ‘bizliners’ these are usually commercial aircraft which have been transformed into swanky private flying giants.  Comparable statistically to other long-range jets, airliners are crammed with incredible interiors which make air travel a memorable experience. Private suites, cocktail bars and offices feature; all beautifully designed and often with seating for up to 48 travellers. The Airbus A-319 is commonly converted for this purpose.

Why go private?

Ask business travellers why they fly commercially rather than privately and it’s a safe bet that the expense is mentioned. But private air travel has never been easier to access, or more cost-effective. Here are some other reasons why it’s worth considering:

Save time: eliminate lengthy procedures and delays in commercial airport terminals.
Be flexible: you can choose when you fly, rather than having to wait until a commercial plane is available.  If your plans change at 30,000ft, it’s also possible to alter your flight plans in the air.
Stay private: you choose who accompanies you, so you can conduct confidential business deals on-board without fear of strangers overhearing.
Relax: watch TV, listen to music and set the cabin’s environmental controls to your preference without upsetting anybody.
Fly closer to your destination: private jets can use shorter runways, so you can access thousands of smaller airports globally.
Get there sooner: with a faster climb-rate than commercial airliners, private jets can avoid busy routes and air traffic. You can also have a private car waiting for you when you land: no need to visit customs and baggage claim.

Private jets are for downtime too

Many reasons for using a private jet for business also stand when it comes to your leisure time. You can start your trip whenever you want by scheduling a flight time that fits around you. And a private jet’s interior style will make it feel like you’ve already begun your holiday the moment you board.

Hiring a private aircraft to take you on honeymoon will add a touch of glamour to your big day. Travelling to a sporting or cultural event is made easier in a jet that can touch-down closer to your final destination. And if you’re travelling with pets, a private jet makes the process simpler and less stressful for both you and them.

Should you own or rent a private jet?

Just as there are benefits to flying private over commercial, there are also advantages to owning instead of renting.

If you own a jet then it can be ready whenever you are: short notice is no problem. You won’t need to worry about repositioning, which happens if a rental company doesn’t have a jet available nearby.

If you delay or change your flight you won’t incur the extra charges that a charter company would impose. This can have a positive impact on your overall costs if you regularly have to alter your plans.

You will also have the pleasure of being able to customise your private jet exactly to your personal taste. From the leather the chairs are covered with, to the surfaces of the bathroom, it’s all in your hands. You can design a layout for your needs: a work space, somewhere to sleep and a place for entertainment.

Having a private jet readily accessible means you will always be able to travel on your schedule, not somebody else’s.

You can now search our private jets for sale or list your own aircraft here. For further help or information please contact us.


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