Cessna Citation Excel For Sale

Cessna Citation Excel For Sale

History of the Cessna Citation Excel

Part of the super-light jet class, the Cessna Citation Excel began production in 1998.  Cessna’s objective was to develop an aircraft like their Citation X but for a more traditional market. The Excel’s wing was progressed from the earlier Citation V and the fuselage improved from the Citation VII, the jet that the Excel superseded.  In 2004 the Citation XLS took over from the Excel.

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At just over 18 .6ft long, the Citation Excel’s cabin seats eight passengers as standard. Its width is 5.6ft and height 5.7ft and it contains a separate WC and bar/galley.  There is 130 cubic feet of luggage storage. There are two air conditioning systems on board and the cabin is equipped with a Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics suite and three screens.

With two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545A engines each delivering 3,804 lbs of thrust, the Excel has a normal cruise speed of 422, a high-speed cruise of 480mph and a range of 1,704 nautical miles. It takes 23 minutes to climb to its maximum operating altitude of 45,000ft.

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