Cessna Citation Jet For Sale

Cessna Citation Jet For Sale US, UK & RoW

History of the Cessna CJ

The Cessna CJ (also known as the Citation Jet) was the first in the Cessna Citation Jet family of light business jets. It was launched in 1993 as a private jet that focused on simplicity and economy, both in its purchase price and its operating costs. Considerably lighter and faster than other models on the market at the time, they helped Cessna take over the market for small-cabin jets.

After the Cessna CJ ceased production in 1999 Cessna introduced the CJ1.

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Read the specifications below, before you buy a Cessna CJ.

The Citation Jet has an exterior height of 13ft, 7in and a length of 42ft 7in. Its wing span reaches 46ft and 11in and it features a T-tail. It has been designed to be flown with a single pilot, although it can be flown crewed.

The Cessna CJ has an operational weight of 6,776lbs, a maximum take-off weight of 10,400lb, a high speed cruise of 378 knots and a maximum range of 1,268 miles. It can climb to an altitude of 37,000ft in 25 minutes and, at its maximum altitude of 41,000ft, has a long range cruise speed of 323 knots.   

Cessna CJ For Sale US, UK & RoW

Thanks to collaboration between Cessna and NASA, the Citation Jet was given a natural laminar flow wing which increases the jet’s speed, due to the reduced drag. The two 1,900lbs Williams FJ44 engines were simplified to have two-thirds less moving parts than most comparable jet engines of the time, making them lighter and more aero-dynamic, as well as burning around 30% less fuel.

The CJ’s cabin is of comparable size to similar light jets, measuring 4.7ft high, 11ft long and 4.8ft wide. Designed to be piloted by business people, it has several automated systems and a simple avionics system.

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