Cessna CJ1 For Sale

Cessna CJ1 For Sale

History of the Cessna CJ1

The Cessna CJ1 is the second generation of the Cessna Citation Jet family of light business jets. Its predecessor, the Citation Jet was launched in 1993 as a private jet that focused on simplicity, economy and performance. The Cessna CJ1 first appeared in 1998 with manufacturing ending in 2005. It was followed by the CJ2 and several further CJ models.

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The Cessna CJ1 has all the advantages of the earlier Citation Jet, but with added economic and performance benefits.  It burns approximately 134 gallons per hour, which is achieved through the two fuel-efficient Williams FJ44 turbofan engines, each with 1,900 lbs of thrust during take-off. Its maximum take-off weight is 10,600 lbs and its maximum fuel capacity is 3,200, both increased from its predecessor and both resulting in an increased range/payload flexibility, which makes it faster than the Citation Jet. Whilst it can be flown crewed, it is also able to be flown by a single pilot, reducing operating costs, and can reach a maximum operating altitude of 41,000 ft and cruising speed of 377 kts.

The Cessna CJ1 has a natural laminar flow airfoil: a collaborative Cessna and NASA design which reduces drag and increases speed compared to earlier, straight-wing models. It also has the Collins Pro Line 21 avionics package installed, which includes Primary Flight Display and Multi-Function Display flat panel screens.

While the CJ1 is an economical jet, the cabin is surprisingly roomy and comfortable. There is a full-length dropped aisle, with seats for five passengers and the double sealed plane door reduces cabin noise.

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Cessna CJ1 For Sale US, UK & RoW

Cessna CJ1 For Sale