Legacy 450 For Sale

Embraer Legacy 450 For Sale

The Embraer Legacy 450 (EMB-545) is a Brazilian mid-size business jet launched by Embraer in April 2008, the first in their size category with a flat-floor stand-up cabin and fly-by-wire control. The longer Legacy 500, which typically carries 4 passengers over 3,125 nmi (5,790 km) with room for up to 12 passengers, first flew on November 27, 2012, and was certified on August 12, 2014. The 450 being shorter first flew on December 28, 2013, was certified on August 11, 2015, carries 4 passengers over 2,900 nmi (5,370 km) and can accommodate up to 9 passengers. Introduced in October 2018, the Praetor 500/600 are variants of the Legacy 450 and 500, respectively, with more range.

The Legacy 450 aircraft is one of the latest aircraft to hit the business aviation market.  Search AeroClassifieds to view Legacy 450 for sale.

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Legacy 450 For Sale