Falcon 50 For Sale

Falcon 50 For Sale

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1974 saw Dassault Aviation begin work on a new long-range aircraft. Their brief was to create a business jet that could fly 3,400 nautical miles non-stop, the equivalent of crossing the United States, or the North Atlantic, on FAR 121 reserves. The Falcon 50 was the first trans-oceanic plane in the Falcon family, flying out of Bordeaux-Mérignac in November 1976.

In December of the same year, the Falcon 50 prototype was refitted with improved wings and took to the skies again in May 1977, becoming the world’s first civil aircraft with supercritical wings. The jet achieved certification in February 1979. The 50 was followed in 1995 by the Falcon 50 EX, which can fly both higher and faster.

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The Falcon 50 is 60.9ft long, 22.11ft high and has a 61.10ft wingspan. Its un-laden weight is 9,163kg, with a maximum take-off weight of 17,600kg. Powered by three Garrett TFE 731-3 engines, it can cruise at 468 knots at 37,000ft and reach a top altitude of 43,000ft.

The cabin has a standard configuration to carry between 8 and 10 people but can hold up to 19 with modification. The cabin dimensions are 5.9ft high, 23.5ft long and 6.1ft wide, and it has a two-zone temperature control system. The cockpit features a Collins FCS-80F autopilot, an ADC 80 air computer, Primus colour weather radar and a dual VHF comm.

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Falcon 50 For Sale