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Global 5000 For Sale

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Global 5000
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Global 5000
  • Bombardier
  • Global 5000
  • 2010
  • 9359
  • 2,323
  • UAE
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Global 5000 For Sale US, UK & RoW

Global 5000 For Sale US, UK & RoW

Read the specs before you buy a Global 5000 Aircraft US, UK & RoW.

The Global 5000 was launched on 5 February 2002 after being announced on 25 October 2001, with letters of intent for 15 aircraft. The first Global 5000 aircraft took flight on 7 March 2003. This flight tested basic system functionality and assessed the aircraft’s handling and flying qualities. The Bombardier’s Downsview facility was where the aircraft completed it’s preliminary testing, before it moved to Bombardier’s Wichita facility to begin the flight test program.

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The original maximum takeoff weight was 88,700 lb (40,200 kg). With typical equipment and passenger fixtures, the empty weight was 52,000–55,000 pounds (22,600–25,000 kg). In April 2008, Bombardier increased the certified gross weight to 92,500 lb (41954 kg), which permitted an increased fuel load—projected maximum range increased to 5,200 nmi (9637 km).

Typical configuration features 18 passenger seats with fully berthable seats and an aft lounge or bedroom. The aircraft has two lavatories and a full galley. The crew rest area was removed, but is to be considered on newer versions. Eight to nineteen passengers can be carried. Its forward fuselage is shortened by 813 mm (32 in) and its range is reduced by 1,200 nmi. The tail fuel tank is removed and fuel is limited in the wings, MTOW is reduced by 5,500 lb (2,500 kg), some avionics are rearranged to gain usable cabin length. The interior completions allowance is 3,200 kg.

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Global 5000 for sale US, UK & RoW