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Piston Helicopters

The reciprocating engine consists of a series of pistons connected to a rotating crankshaft. As the pistons move up and down, the crankshaft rotates. The reciprocating engine gets its name from the back-and-forth movement of its internal parts. Typical piston engine helicopters have either a single, twin or four engined piston system that is designed to carry the weight needed to substain flight and power whilst in motion.

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Types of Piston Helicopters

Robinson R22

Robinson R44

Enstrom F28F

Enstrom 280FX

Schweizer 300

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Turbine Helicopters

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Turbine engines revolutionized the aviation industry, and the turboshaft engine finally gave helicopters an engine with a large amount of power and a low weight penalty. Turboshafts are also more reliable than piston engines, especially when producing the sustained high levels of power required by a helicopter.

Turbine Helicopter Types

Agusta A109

Agusta AW139

Agusta AW119

Sikorsky S-76

Sikorsky S-92

Bell 206

Bell 407

Eurocopter EC120

Eurocopter EC130

Eurocopter EC135

Eurocopter EC145

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