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AeroClassifieds leads the way in the helicopter sales market, offering an extensive selection of new and used helicopters. From the agility of piston helicopters to the power of turbine models, our platform caters to a broad spectrum of aviation needs and preferences.

Piston Helicopters: Engineered for Precision

Piston helicopters, known for their reciprocating engines, are a popular choice for their balance of power and weight. Models like the Robinson R22 and R44, along with the Enstrom F28F and 280FX, and the Schweizer 300, stand out for their efficiency and reliability. AeroClassifieds proudly lists piston helicopters of all sizes, available globally, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your aviation aspirations.

Turbine Helicopters: The Epitome of Power and Reliability

The advent of turbine engines has revolutionized helicopter aviation, offering unmatched power with minimal weight impact. Turboshaft engines, in particular, provide sustained high power essential for helicopter operations. Our listings include leading turbine models such as the Agusta A109, AW139, and AW119, Sikorsky S-76 and S-92, Bell 206 and 407, and various Eurocopter models like the EC120, EC130, EC135, and EC145.

The AeroClassifieds Advantage

Choosing AeroClassifieds means accessing a world where excellence and variety meet. Our intuitive platform allows you to search, compare, and directly contact sellers, streamlining the process of buying a helicopter. Whether you're drawn to the intricate mechanics of piston helicopters or the robust performance of turbine models, AeroClassifieds brings the world of helicopters to your fingertips.

With AeroClassifieds, embarking on your helicopter buying journey is just a few clicks away. Our commitment to providing a comprehensive, user-friendly platform ensures that whether you're a seasoned pilot or a first-time buyer, you'll find the helicopter that not only meets your needs but also surpasses your expectations. Explore our listings today and soar into the future with your ideal helicopter.

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