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Private Jets For Sale – A business jet, private jet, or bizjet is a jet aircraft designed for transporting small groups of people, sort of a limousine in the air. Business jets may and have been adapted for other roles, such as express parcel deliveries, and some are used by public bodies, government officials and even the armed forces.

We advertise a wide range of private Jets for sale from some of the worlds largest and most renowned manufacturers. From light to large jets find out more about the different types of private jet aircraft we advertise on our platform:

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Light Private Jets For Sale

Light jets have been a staple of the business jet industry since the advent of the Learjet 23 in the early 1960s. Moreover ,they provide access to small airports and the speed to be an effective air travel tool. We have a wide range of light private jets for sale at any given time from brokers all over the world. Some Aircraft of this class include:

Beechcraft Premier
Cessna CitationJet/CJ1/2/3
Cessna Citation II/Bravo/Ultra/Encore
Hawker 400,
Learjet 31
Learjet 40,
Phenom 100,300

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Mid-size Private Jets for sale

Nearly 1700 BAe 125/Hawker 800 have been built and these aircraft are suitable for longer-range travel such as transcontinental flights and for travel with larger passenger capacity requirements. Our Aircraft listed on our platform includes the following:

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Hawker 800/750/850/900/1000
Learjet 45
Learjet 60


Super mid-size Private jets For Sale

The most widespread super mid-size jet is the Challenger 300 a Super mid-size jets feature wide-body cabin space, high-altitude capability, speed, and long range. Furthermore, these jets combine transatlantic capability with the speed and comfort of a wide-body, high-altitude aircraft. Aircraft of this class include:

Challenger 300/350
Citation Sovereign
Citation X
Falcon 50
Gulfstream G200/G250
Hawker 4000


Large Private Jets For Sale

More than 1000 Challenger 600 have been produced
Challenger 600
Falcon 2000(ER)
Falcon 900
Legacy 600/650

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Private Jets / Business Jets

Most production business jets use two jet engines as a compromise between the operating economy of fewer engines and the ability to safely continue flight after an engine failure. Exceptions include the early Lockheed Jetstar with four engines; the Dassault Falcon 50 and derivatives with three; and the Cirrus Vision SF50 with one, a configuration also used in several similar very light jet design concepts.

Most business jets use podded engines mounted on the rear fuselage with a cruciform tail or T-tail to reduce interference drag and increase exhaust clearance. Practical limits on the ground clearance of these smaller aircraft have prompted designers to avoid the common jetliner configuration of a low wing with underslung podded engines.

The sole business jet to use this layout, the early McDonnell 119, was rejected by the USAF due to foreign object damage concerns, leading to the failure of the program. The recent HondaJet uses wing-mounted engines but mitigates this problem with its unique over-the-wing engine pods.


Private Jets / Business Jets

As with jetliners, swept wings are often used to increase cruise speed, but straight wings are also commonplace; notably, Cessna deliberately prioritized docile low-speed handling in choosing straight wings for many models in its popular Citation family, envisioning that owners transitioning from slower piston engined or turboprop aircraft would want to maintain the ability to use relatively short runways, and that lower approach speeds would ease single-pilot operations, particularly by relatively inexperienced owner-pilots.

Rolls-Royce plc powers over 3,000 business jets, 42% of the fleet: all the Gulfstreams and Bombardier Globals, the Cessna Citation X and Embraer Legacy 600, early Hawkers, and many small jets with the Williams-Rolls FJ44.

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