Legacy 500 For Sale

Embraer Legacy 500 For Sale

History of the Embraer Legacy 500

Founded in Brazil in 1969, manufacturer Embraer originally produced small passenger planes and military aircraft. They began their journey into the business aviation market in 2000, creating the first jet in their new Legacy range. In 2005, they formerly developed this arm of the company, naming it Embraer Executive Jets.

In 2008 the company announced they would be developing two new jets. They would employ advanced technologies that, until then, were only found on the more expensive business jets. These new editions would be called the Legacy 500 and a mid-light version: the Legacy 450.

The 500 was the first mid-size business jet with digital flight controls, based on a full fly-by-wire system, with side-sticks.

Its first flight was in November 2012.  ANAC certification was given in August 2014 and FAA certification in October, with initial deliveries also beginning that month.  EASA certification followed in December. The Legacy 450 took its first flight in December 2013 and began delivering in December 2015.

Speed records

In May 2015 the 500 was awarded four new world speed records by the National Aeronautic Association. These included ‘Speed over a Recognised Course’, gained during a trip from California to Hawaii.

In 2016 a new production line of the 450 and 500 jets began at Embraer’s newly-expanded facility in Melbourne, Florida. The maiden flight of the first Legacy 500 jet constructed at this location was in July 2017.

The Legacy 500 was awarded four further speed records by the NAA in October 2018. These were gained on flights between Florida and Washington, Washington and Alaska, Colorado and Florida and Florida and Ohio.

As of December 2018 68 Embraer Legacy 500s had been delivered across the globe. 

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Planning on buying an Embraer Legacy 500?  We’ve got the specifications below.

The Legacy 500 is 68ft 1in in length and 21ft 2in in height. It has a wing span of 66ft 5in and its tail span measures 24ft 1in.

It is fitted with two Honeywell HTF7500E dual-FADEC turbofan engines, which give out 7,036lbs of thrust each. These were specifically chosen by Embraer because they were the quietest and most efficient on the market at the time. They were also designed with new technology designed to produce lower emissions.   

The 500 has a high-speed cruise of 466kts and a long-range speed of 440kts. Its non-stop range, based on four passengers, is 3,125 nautical miles at long-range cruise, achieving this in seven hours. It can reach a maximum operating altitude of 45,000ft.

The Legacy 500 has a takeoff distance of 4,084ft and an unfactored landing distance of 2,122ft.

Cabin comfort

The cabin measures a comfortable standing height of 6 feet, and is 27ft 6in in length. It has a total volume of 832 cubic feet, making it comparable with some aircraft in the super-midsize range.

The cabin has a flat floor which is laid with a silk carpet. The standard seating configuration is for eight passengers and two crew members but can be altered to fit 12 passengers. 

The seats, which feature winged headrests, are made from natural Italian leather. They can swivel out into the aisle and include a moveable leg rest. The eight club seats can convert into four fully flat berths. Wood veneer side rests hide flat fold-away tables, individual monitors and charging stations for each passenger.

The cabin’s altitude of 5,800ft, while flying at maximum operating altitude, is the lowest of any mid-cabin aircraft. Interior noise reduction makes it an ideal environment for working or relaxing in. Large, well-placed windows let in lots of natural light.

The fully-equipped wet galley sits opposite the aircraft entry door and resides behind glass panels.  It has a good amount of storage space for catering equipment.

The bathroom is compact and stylish, and features a vacuum toilet system.

The 500 has a generous amount of accessible in-flight storage and the largest external baggage compartment in its class. This measures 155 cubic feet.

In-flight technology

The cabin is fitted with the Honeywell Ovation Select Cabin Management Suite. The state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment includes a high-definition video system, surround sound and several audio and video input options.  There are two 19in LCD screens in the cabin and everything can be accessed through wireless digital controls.

The in-flight entertainment system is compatible with most portable electronic devices. In 2017 Embraer announced  that the 500’s data connectivity would be enhanced through Viasat Ka-Band Connectivity high-capacity, high-speed upgrades.

The innovative ‘upper tech panel’, which is unique to Embraer, gives you an overhead, yet ergonomic’ touchscreen which relays information about your flight. This includes the aircraft’s altitude, the time until arrival and current local times. It also has LED halo mood lights and allows access to the lighting controls.

A next-generation flight deck

The dark and quiet ergonomic cockpit has been designed to streamline the pilots’ workload and reduce fatigue. It is installed with the Rockwell Collins Pro line Fusion avionics suite, accessed on four 15.1in high-resolution LCD displays. Capabilities include Synthetic Vision System, graphical flight planning, charts and maps, MultiScan Weather radar, Surface Management System and an on-board central management system.

It also comes with the Embraer Enhanced Vision System with a Head-up Display. This gives the pilot clear situational awareness of their flying environment, even in low-visibility conditions.

In 2017 Embraer included the option of adding FANS 1/A+ technology to the cockpit. This allows datalink communications between the pilot and Air Traffic Control.

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