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History of the Embraer Legacy 650

The Legacy 650 was the second business jet from Embraer and was certified in 2011. Following on from the Legacy 600, the 650 saw improvements right across the board, with greater speed and range being two of the most noted.   

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Before you buy a Legacy 650, read its specifications

The Legacy 650 measures 86ft 5in long and 21ft 9in high, with a wingspan of 69.5ft and a tail width of 24ft 9in. 

The Rolls-Royce AE3007A2 engines give up to 9,020lbs of thrust each and it has a typical cruise speed of 514mph and a high speed cruise of 528 mph. With four passengers and two crew it can travel 3,900 nautical miles and has a maximum ceiling of 41,000ft.

The cockpit has an efficient Honeywell Primus Elite avionics system which helps to reduce the pilot’s workload and navigate airports, weather conditions and busy airspace with enhanced safety.

The stand-up cabin has a height of 6ft, a width of 6ft 9in and extends to 49ft 10in in length. Its three separate zones offer spacious working, dining and relaxing areas. It can seat 14 passengers, with fully berthing premium leather seats and a side-facing sofa, as well as a range of tables. The cabin also includes two toilets and separate bar/galley, which includes an oven and a microwave.

It comes with a 286 cubic foot baggage compartment.

The Legacy 650 has a state-of-the-art entertainment system, with DVD players and individual screens. Wireless internet, power outlets and a worldwide phone service are installed on-board.

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