Quest Kodiak Aircraft For Sale

Quest Kodiak Aircraft For Sale

Quest Kodiak For Sale

Quest Aircraft Company was founded in the Pacific Northwest with a mission — to design and produce the next generation of short takeoff and landing aircraft capable of bringing services and heavy supplies to the most remote regions on the planet. Quest introduced its first aircraft, the Kodiak 100, in 2007.

And although the company’s founding may be rooted in humanitarian aid, it did not take long for the rest of the world to realize that this ultra-modern, ultra-safe and extremely durable plane had a place in business and general aviation.

The Kodiak fills a niche somewhere between helicopter and business jet — able to haul cargo or passengers, takeoff under 1000 ft. and fly 1100 miles with only one pilot and with amazing economy.

It is the only sport utility vehicle with wings.

In 2015, the Quest Aircraft Company was purchased by Japan’s Setouchi Holdings, a global entity with roots in shipbuilding, transportation and related industries. With their Japanese passion for precision and quality, Quest could not have found a better partner. They soon began a program of increased production and refinement of their signature product, the Kodiak 10-seat STOL turboprop.

Today, Quest Aircraft has found new markets throughout the world: Replacing the aging single-engine STOL aircraft (many from the 1950s); supplying aerial surveillance vehicles to parks and police; assisting in wildlife management; and, providing revenue-enhancing platforms to air taxi services, backcountry outfitters and parachute clubs.

Business aviation has discovered an economical alternative to expensive jet service to intra-state destinations. Farmers, ranchers and rural estate owners use the Kodiak as their get in, get out transportation choice. Companies with far-flung service areas use the Kodiak as their alternative to time-consuming road trips. Add to this the city-bound who use the Kodiak as their urban escape vehicle.

The world has caught on. This mission to do good and be better has now led to a global market including Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Not bad for a little company with the vision to think big.

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Quest Kodiak For Sale

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