Tamarack SMARTWING Equipped King Air 350 Claims NAA Records To and From BACE Orlando 2022
Nick Guida Winglet
Nick Guida Winglet
Tamarack N988ME at NBAA After Record Flight
Tamarack N988ME at NBAA After Record Flight

Upgraded KING Air NAA records exhibit unmatched range and sustainable fuel efficiency abilities

Sandpoint, ID – Tamarack Aerospace has submitted a claim this week to the National Aeronautic Association (NAA) and the European Federation Aeronautique International (FAI) for two remarkable record-establishing city-pair flight results; the first was non-stop from Spokane, WA to Orlando, FL (the site of National Business Aviation’s [NBAA] 2022 BACE convention. The second was accomplished leaving the BACE convention flying the King Air 350 fighting headwinds and icing from Orlando to Henderson, NV the site of NBAA’s 2023 BACE convention, with one stop in Albuquerque, NM.

The non-stop 2,032.8 NM flight from Idaho to Orlando on October 16 took 7 hours and 46 minutes. The one-stop 1770.7 NM flight west against the wind from Florida to Nevada was clocked at an impressive 8 hours and 8 minutes. All details for the Speed-Over-A-Recognized-Course record claims are listed below.

Tamarack’s founder and CEO Nick Guida co-piloted both trips. You might recall Tamarack and Nick Guida also received the NAA’s Most Memorable Aviation Records Award at the association’s Aviation Records Celebration this year. The award was presented to the Tamarack team that set a record, flying a CitationJet non-stop from Portland, ME to West Palm Beach, FL on January 26th, 2021, soundly beating another CJ competing in that fly-off, that CJ was not equipped with Tamarack’s upgrade. The modified CitationJet completed the course in just 4 hours and 35 minutes, despite a major headwind and reached 41-thousand feet without a step-climb, more than an hour faster than the unmodified jet that had to stop for fuel. The modified aircraft traveled 1,386 miles in the air and used a total of 2,610 pounds of fuel while the unmodified N741CC jet burned 3,650 pounds of fuel and spent 5 hours and 37 minutes in flight.

Guida says the current record claim for the King Air 350 flights demonstrates Tamarack’s extraordinary technology and showcases world-leading fuel-efficient sustainability – reaching as much as double digit fuel savings, increased range, stability, flight smoothing and associated safety benefits.

“The military is especially interested in our increased range and loiter time for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions for smaller turbo props and large transport and our upgraded King Air’s boast features that additionally allow takeoffs and landings in high/hot conditions. Business aircraft equipped with our technology provide those benefits plus the important peace of mind concerning safety and stability,” says Guida. “We are going to keep setting records and our nearly 180 upgraded CitationJet owners can tell those interested about the verified Tamarack performance they experience every day they fly.”

Of note, Tamarack is currently in serious talks with major airline carriers for A320 modifications and with leasing operations and charter services. We are regularly upgrading more Citations at one of three Transformation Centers and provide services at twenty service centers around the world.

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