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Without a trusted partner, navigating the world of aircraft commerce can be daunting. Jet Sense Aviation, LLC was founded with clients like you in mind. We have the experience, industry knowledge and connections to get you in the jet that fits your needs, perfectly. We work very hard to make sure we understand your needs and fulfill them. We are all about aircraft. It’s what we love, and it goes way deeper than a 9-5 for us. We feel the pulse of the industry every day, studying the markets and staying on top of buying and selling trends. While Jet Sense was founded in 2013, we have over 35 years of collective experience in the aviation industry. Our extensive network of contacts and connections help us make your dreams a reality. Whether it’s your first or tenth purchase, we know the process is different for everyone, and that’s why it’s great to have a versatile partner like us working for you. We understand the dynamics of every transaction and are able to adapt to the circumstances to move forward. Everyone at Jet Sense is not only formally educated, but real-world trained. Our skill sets make us your experts in aircraft brokerage, acquisition and consultancy.

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Jetsense aviationAircraft Broker

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