History of the Cessna CJ3

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History of the Cessna CJ3

The Cessna Citation Jet CJ3 was first certified in 2004, following on from its predecessor, the CJ2. Each iteration of the Citation line has come with more impressive specs, with the CJ3 faster and larger than those that came before it.

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The CJ3 stands at a height of 15ft 2in, with a length of 51ft 2in and a wingspan of 53ft 4in. The cabin and 14 windows and is two feet larger than the CJ2, seating six passengers. It also contains multiple power outlets and folding writing tables, ensuring that no business time is wasted while in flight.

The Cessna CJ3 has a maximum operating altitude of 45,000 and can reach a high speed cruise of 416 knots, achieving a range of 1,800 miles. At long range cruise, the CJ3 can reach 2,100 miles.

The max take-off weight increases to 13, 870lbs on the CJ3, with the maximum fuel weight standing at 4,710lbs.

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The Williams FJ44-3A turbofan engines on the CJ3 give 480lbs more thrust on take-off than the CJ2, with each delivering 2,820lbs. These, plus the natural laminar flow wings, ensure that the CJ3 is remarkably fuel efficient.

The CJ3 comes with an integrated Pro Line 21 avionics suite: one of the most advanced and reliable systems in its category.

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