Challenger 300 For Sale

Challenger 300 For Sale

The Challenger 300 is a 3,100 nmi (5,700 km) range super-midsize business jet, developed by Bombardier Aerospace, announced in 1999 and introduced in 2004. The Challenger 350 is a slightly improved 3,200 nmi (5,900 km) range variant introduced in 2014. As a new design, it is not developed from the Challenger 600 series, nor its Challenger 800 series variant.

Challenger 300 Private Jet

The baseline Challenger 300 was launched at the 1999 Paris Air Show as the Bombardier Continental. An all-new design, it received Transport Canada type approval on 31 May 2003, followed on 4 June by US FAR 25 certification and on 31 July by European JAR 25 approval. Assembled in Wichita, Kansas, it entered commercial service on 8 January 2004 with Flexjet.

Its supercritical wings have a fixed leading-edge and a 27% sweep angle, its 1.15 m (3.8 ft) winglets reduce cruise lift-induced drag by 17%. It climbs to FL410 in 18 min with a 455 kg (1,003 lb) fuel burn at MTOW/ISA, where at a 14,330 kg (31,590 lb) weight it burns 680 kg (1,500 lb)/h at Mach 0.8 / 445 kn (824 km/h) tas, 875 kg (1,929 lb)/h at Mach 0.83 / 465 kn (861 km/h) tas.

The fuselage and the wing are semi-monocoque aluminum structures, the winglets are composite. Outboard ailerons are manually actuated, elevators and rudder are hydraulic with a mechanical backup, fly-by-wire spoilers augment roll control, act as speedbrakes and dump lift on the ground, hydraulic single-slotted fowler flap have four positions : 0/10/20/30°.

Aircraft is no longer in production.

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