Unleash Your Adventure with the Columbia 400

Unrivaled Speed and Performance

The Columbia 400 represents the epitome of speed and performance in the single-engine aircraft segment. Engineered for power and precision, this aircraft holds the title for the fastest certified piston-single, making it a top choice for pilots seeking an exhilarating flight experience.

Comfort and Luxury in the Skies

The Columbia 400 doesn't just impress with its performance. Step inside and you'll find a luxurious cabin that places a premium on passenger comfort. With seating for four, generous legroom, and plush seats, every journey in the Columbia 400 promises to be a comfortable one.

Advanced Safety Features

Safety remains paramount in the Columbia 400. Its robust design and advanced safety features, such as a dual electrical system for redundancy and a built-in oxygen system for high-altitude flights, reflect a deep commitment to passenger and pilot safety.

Columbia 400 For Sale

Our marketplace features a selection of Columbia 400 aircraft for sale. We connect buyers with reliable brokers globally, offering a seamless path to owning a pre-owned Columbia 400. Embark on your journey today and find the perfect Columbia 400 to fuel your love for flight.





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