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Piper Meridian For Sale listed on AeroClassifieds – In 1997, Piper announced its intention to market a turboprop-powered version of the Malibu, and flew a prototype the following year powered by a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42A of 500 shp (370 kW). Certification was achieved in September 2000 and deliveries began in November that year. Changes made to allow for turboprop power include larger wings and tail surfaces. In 2009, Piper began offering the Meridian with a three-screen version of the Garmin G1000 including the Garmin GFC 700 autopilot as a replacement for the Avidyne Entegra system.

Piper added wing root filets to increase wing area and 342 lb (155 kg) of fuel capacity, a larger tailplane and reinforced wing spar and landing gear to raise MTOW to 4,850 lb (2,200 kg) then 5,092 lb (2,310 kg) from 2003. For a 1,000 nmi (1,900 km) trip, block fuel is 985 lb (447 kg) at 233 kn (432 km/h) block speed, while its maximum cruise speed is 260 kn (480 km/h).

PA46 Meridian

The Piper Meridian is a prime example of when performance meets efficiency. The Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A turboprop engine, a distinguished member of the PT6A family that has been the engine series of choice in more than 100 different aircraft models all over the globe, allows for notable speed and agility, with 500 horses pulling passengers to altitude with ease. Holding the title of both lowest fuel burn and lowest acquisition cost in its class, the Meridian also displays an unmatched value. On top of the immediate savings, it is a lot cheaper to take care of one engine than two.

A cockpit is equipped with a 15-inch MFD and two PFDs shout Garmin G1000. The GFC 700 autopilot is the most capable of any ever installed.

The Meridian also offers different additional standard and optional equipment (e.g. Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI)).

The PA-46 was the third single-engined piston aircraft with a pressurized cabin to reach the market, after the Mooney M22 and Cessna P210 Centurion, and is the only one still in production.

Work on the PA-46 began in the late 1970s,[3] with a prototype (the PA-46-300T) first flying on November 30, 1979. The type was announced in November 1982, apparently to compete with Cessna’s newest creation of the era, the P210 Centurion. Like the Centurion, the Malibu was to feature cabin pressurization 5.5 psi (380 hPa), a feature not included on the prototype.

Piper M-Class

Piper Aircraft no longer refers to their top-of-the-line aircraft with the names Malibu, Malibu Mirage or Malibu Meridian. The PA-46 line of aircraft, as of 2015, is now referred to as the Piper M-Class. The M350, M500 and the newest M600 make up the entire M-Class line. The models range in price from the M350 at $1.478 million,[9] to $2.3 million for the M500, to the flagship M600 whose pricing starts at over $3.3 million.[10]

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